Veteran Blitz results

David Antonucci has solidified his standing as Vassar-Chadwick’s blitz player par excellence, easily taking first place (13.5 out of 16!) in the 9 player double round-robin G/5 blitz (no delay) held on Veterans Day this past Monday. It was a surprisingly tough field; 4 out of the 9 players are former or current Dutchess County Chess champions!

Tied for second: Ernie Johnson and Scott Strattner (11/16)

Third: Noah Kulick (10.5)

See the USCF for full crosstable. The tournament was submitted as a 2 section round-robin, as SwissSys is unable to convert a double round-robin with more than 7 rounds, and you cannot manually enter a double round-robin via the USCF web form. There was an interesting discussion recently on this very topic on the USCF forums.

Join us next Monday (11/18) for the Turkey Quick Quads (G/20 + d/3).

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