Turkey Quick Quad and end of year announcement

It was a small turnout, but just enough to field a quad. Scott, David, George, and Michael Mendez participated. When the dust had settled, there was a 3-way tie for first place (Scott, David, Michael), with 2 point apiece. None of the available tiebreak methods helped, which tends to happen in an event where everyone plays each other. The TD, in consultation with David, decided that the first place trophy should go to Michael; as the lowest rated participant, his result was most impressive.

The trophy will be presented prior to the last round of the Winter Swiss (12/16), which starts tonight. The Winter Swiss is our final tournament of 2013, and is a G/75;d/5 regular-rated event. As a reminder, our club will not meet the final two weeks of December (12/23 and 12/30). The 2014 Winter/Spring schedule will be published in the next couple weeks; input is welcome, so send your requests to chess@vassar-chadwick.com.

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