Deep Freeze results

Fourteen players competed in the first tournament of 2014. A welcome harbinger of a fruitful year? Or did people just want to get out of the cold and warm up by the radiators in room 104 of Rockefeller Hall? In either case, it led to a good group of players competing in the Deep Freeze Swiss.

Four rounds, two games a night, at G/25 + 3 second delay (to ensure that it would be Quick rated only). I feel like I’m missing something…what is it..oh yes! Who won!?

Running through the field like Eddie Lacy (I was going to give a Giants or Jets running back, but neither team has a very good one), Ernie Johnson took first place with a perfect 4/4. He will be presented with a trophy for his efforts. Second place (3/4) goes to Scott Strattner, and Michael Mendez edged out Antonucci and Evans on tiebreaks for third place (2.5/4).

Join us on Jan 20th for the generational grudge match, Young vs Old.

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