Memorial Tournament results

Twenty five players competed in the rated section, with 16 more in the unrated section, a very nice turnout. Thanks to Brother John McManus (USCF Senior TD and Executive Director of the Make the Right Move chess organization) for running the rated section, and to Ken Evans for organizing this year’s tournament and acting as TD for the unrated section.

In the rated section three players ended up with 3.5 points; Alan Lasser (2004), Rudolph Van Dommele (1899) and Noah Kulick (1869). Noah took a bye in the last round, and so missed out on the tiebreaks, which went to Rudy and Alan, who were declared co-champions. Fourth place went to Craig Fisher (3 points), with Michael O’Connor (3) winning best Class B, Brandon Wang (3) winning best Class C, and Cory Boris taking best Unrated.

See USCF for full crosstable.

In the unrated section there was a clear winner, undefeated Heitor Luz, followed by Ron Calixto (4 points), Vaughn Seninde (3.5), and Luca Van Dommele (3.5).

Special thanks to Vassar college for letting us have our normal club rooms for a Saturday event.

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