April Swiss results

Twelve players (plus the house player, but he doesn’t count) participated in the April Swiss this year, a 3 round, game 70 event. The time control appears to work for many people, allowing for a good amount of time to think while still finishing at a reasonable hour. Look for more of these long time control events (with even more rounds) in the near future, as people’s opinions expressed to me (and the current result of the poll on our website) indicate that longer is better when it comes to a chess game.

But I digress, back to the April Swiss. The tournament was won by Ernie Johnson, who finished with 2.5 points (taking a draw against Dr. Fisher in round 2). Vassar student Noah Kulick also had 2.5 points, but as he took a draw in the 2nd round (to study for school, boo!), he took 2nd place on tiebreaks.

See the USCF for the full crosstable.

The trophies for Ernie and Noah will be presented on Monday, prior to our rated Blitz event.

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