Shower Blitz results

On Monday April 29th the club hosted a blitz event using a new (and approved) time control of 5 minutes per game with 3 second delay. Turnout was low, but that allowed for a double round-robin format – everyone played everyone else twice, once with each color. Vassar student Noah Kulick went undefeated, easily besting the field. Scott Strattner took 2nd, and Dr. Craig Fisher held 3rd. Richard Dobbins rounded out the field, and given that he had to face three other class A players, he made the best of a difficult situation. He also showed off an iPad chess clock, which was pretty interesting and held up well during the games.

The delay was a welcome addition to the blitz format. While all the games were decisive, it helped ensure that the player with the better position could grind out the win, rather than have to worry about the clock too much. I believe if we host more blitz events, at least those that are rated, we should keep the delay.

Those who participated in this event are now proud owners of provisional blitz ratings, newly minted by the USCF. See their site for the full crosstable.


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