Veteran Blitz results

David Antonucci has solidified his standing as Vassar-Chadwick’s blitz player par excellence, easily taking first place (13.5 out of 16!) in the 9 player double round-robin G/5 blitz (no delay) held on Veterans Day this past Monday. It was a surprisingly tough field; 4 out of the 9 players are former or current Dutchess County Chess champions!

Tied for second: Ernie Johnson and Scott Strattner (11/16)

Third: Noah Kulick (10.5)

See the USCF for full crosstable. The tournament was submitted as a 2 section round-robin, as SwissSys is unable to convert a double round-robin with more than 7 rounds, and you cannot manually enter a double round-robin via the USCF web form. There was an interesting discussion recently on this very topic on the USCF forums.

Join us next Monday (11/18) for the Turkey Quick Quads (G/20 + d/3).

Turning Leaves Swiss results

The best little (3 round) serious (G/75) Swiss tournament in the Poughkeepsie area, the 2013 Turning Leaves Swiss, finished on Monday. Trophies will be presented to Noah Kulick, first place, and Ken Evans, second place. Both finished with 2.5 points out of 3, but Noah edged Ken on tiebreaks. Sixteen players participated, a welcome turnout.

Unfortunately the TD came down with a cold over the weekend and couldn’t attend the last round (thus missing out on an anticipated match with Noah). Thanks to Michael O’Connor for covering. The book prize drawing, where all players who played all 3 rounds are eligible, will be held at the next event. The winner does not have to be present to collect the prize, but wouldn’t you want to show up next Monday anyway? It’ll be a Blitz (G/5, no delay) round-robin tournament. Remember that the USCF now has separate Blitz ratings, so your precious Regular, and not-quite-as-precious Quick ratings will not be affected, even if you lose all games.

See the USCF for full crosstable results for the Turning Leaves Swiss 2013.

Vassar-Chadwick Middletown Match Result

On Saturday, October 26th, 21 players from both sides of the Hudson River met to determine which chess club could claim to be the best of the Mid-Hudson Valley – or at least keep the traveling trophy until next year.

In the blue corner we have the Middletown club, featuring two Masters (Lonnie Kwartler and Sergio Almeida). And in the red corner, our very own Vassar-Chadwick contingent, headed by two Experts (Chris Brooks and Alan Lasser). While Middletown was the favorite on the top boards, we had an advantage on the lower boards – a tough struggle in any case.

When the dust had settled, Vassar-Chadwick took the trophy with an 11-9 score; the result was close, reflecting the difficult contest that could have gone either way.

All participants seemed to enjoy the match, and we look forward to doing this again next year. Will you join us?

Columbus Quick results

The results are in, and Dr. Craig Fisher takes first place (with 3 points) on tiebreaks, by virtue of having played all four rounds. The trophy will be presented at the 2nd or 3rd round of the Turning Leaves Swiss. Also finishing with 3 points were the 2 new participants in the 2nd half of the tournament, Ernie Johnson and Ken Carpenter.

See the USCF for the full crosstable results.

Columbus Quick halftime update

Happy Columbus Day! Right now the last two rounds of the Columbus Quick are being played (as tournament director and house player I can use the computer if I am not playing). The winner, who will be presented a gold (colored) trophy, will be decided tonight. While we wait, here’s the results so far (first name listed is White in all games):

Round 1

George Oliveras drew with Scott Strattner, a result that Scott was very grateful to receive after being down the exchange for most of the game. Noah Kulick defeated Michael O’Connor, Michael Mendez lost to Dr. Craig Fisher, and Ken Evans got the best of newcomer, Chris Orcutt.

Round 2

Craig continued his winning ways, capturing Noah’s unprotected rook and the game. Scott won too many pawns from Ken, O’Connor fell to George, and Chris, winless but not discouraged, tipped over his king against Mendez.


Craig – 2

Scott – 1.5

George – 1.5

Noah – 1

Mendez – 1

Ken – 1

O’Connor – 0

Orcutt – 0

Joining us for the second half of the tournament is Ernie Johnson, on a welcome reprieve from shuttling his daughter to class on Monday nights, and Ken Carpenter. Noah, on school holiday, had better plans.

Round 3 Pairings

George – Craig

Mendez – Ernie

Evans – Carpenter

Chris – O’Connor

Scott – Unpaired (house player)

Brandon at NY State

Among the Vassar-Chadwick personalities participating in the NY State Championship, the most successful through 4 rounds has to be Brandon Wang, with a share of the lead in the Under 1800 section (3.5 points). As I type this, he may be facing his toughest opponent, and fellow Vassar-Chadwickian, Darius Jafary.

NY State round 4


And here is Brandon’s first round win:


Marist Farewell results

The last tournament held at Marist this year, the Marist Farewell, ended on Monday. The six round Swiss (G/25;d5) was won by Chris Brooks (5 points), followed by Ernie Johnson (4.5) and Ken Evans (4). Among the 9 players were two newcomers, Hernan and Adam – welcome to Vassar-Chadwick and USCF-rated chess! The event was directed by Dr. Craig Fisher.

See the USCF for full crosstable results.

The fall/winter schedule will be posted shortly, and sent out to the email list. Stay tuned!

Jumbo Swiss results

The tournament title became a misnomer, as the anemic Jumbo Swiss ended with a whimper, the last (5th) round canceled due to only three players (who had already played each other) showing up last Monday. Sparsely attended, but yet games were played – and winners were crowned. Congrats to David Antonucci (3/4) and Naor Isak (2.5) for taking first and second respectively.

David, Naor, and Krishnan Ram also won chess books; look for more such giveaways this fall, as the TD looks to pare down his chess library.

Trophies will be presented after Labor Day, when the club returns to Vassar for the Fall session. The schedule will be updated shortly.

Patriotic Quad results

Eight players participated in the July 1st Patriotic Quads (G/15, 5 second delay), making for a nice two section event. The first quad consisted of (in rating order): Ayman Haoula, Ernie Johnson, Scott Strattner, and Noah Kulick. The second quad: Craig Fisher, David Gonzalez, Ron Holland, and Rich Dobbins.

Ayman and Noah finished with 2 points each (with Noah taking the non-existent prize on tiebreaks by winning the head-to-head match). Ron went undefeated in his quad, gaining over a hundred Quick rating points.

Congrats to Noah and Ron!

See the USCF crosstable for full results.

Junebug Swiss results

Noah Kulick has won the recently completed Junebug Swiss (4 round, G/60) with a perfect score, and a rating increase to 1957! Fellow Vassar student, David Gonzalez, takes second place on tiebreaks (2.5/4), after drawing Dr. Fisher in the first round and losing in the last round to Noah. It was a fun game to watch, perhaps one of them will share it with us (hint, hint).

Trophies will be awarded before the first round of the July Jumbo Swiss (7/8 – 8/5).

One game deserving mention (if only because Ernie graciously shared this loss with us) is Michael Mendez’ victory against Ernie’s unconventional opening. After a tactical oversight allows Mendez to win the exchange, he does well to finish the job – trading pieces and ending up in a winning endgame.

White: Ernie Johnson
Black: Michael Mendez
Event: Junebug Swiss
Round: 4

1. b4 g6 2. Bb2 Nf6 3. e4 d6 4. Bc4 Bg7 5. Nf3 O-O 6. d3 e5 7. Nbd2 c6 8. Bb3
Na6 9. a3 Nc7 10. O-O Be6 11. c4 Nh5 12. Rc1 Nf4 13. Nb1 Qc8 14. c5 Bxb3 15.
Qxb3 Ne2+ 16. Kh1 Nxc1 17. Rxc1 dxc5 18. Rxc5 Ne6 19. Rc4 Nd4 20. Bxd4 exd4 21.
Nxd4 Qd7 22. Nf3 Rad8 23. d4 Qe6 24. e5 b5 25. Rc3 Qxb3 26. Rxb3 Rfe8 27. Nbd2
f6 28. Re3 Bh6 29. Re2 Bxd2 30. Rxd2 fxe5 31. Rc2 Rd6 32. h3 exd4 33. Rd2 d3
34. Kg1 Re2 35. Kf1 Rxd2 36. Nxd2 Kg7 37. f3 Kh6 38. Ke1 Rd8 39. Ne4 Kh5 40.
Kd2 g5 41. g3 Kg6 42. Nc5 Kf5 43. Nxd3 Ke6 44. Ke3 Kd5 45. f4 Re8+ 46. Kd2 gxf4
47. gxf4 Ke4 48. Kc3 h5 49. h4 Rg8 50. a4 Rg4 White resigns