Winter and Spring Schedule published, and USATE teams

Check the Event Schedule page for list of events through the middle of May. Plenty of chess action, including the Dutchess County Chess Championship and the club’s favorite out of state event, the United States Amateur Team East (USATE). This year is special, being the 50th anniversary of the tournament.

Speaking of which, there are currently two planned teams:

Team 1 (average rating at the time of this post: 2014)

  • Robbie Sulman (2229)
  • Mark Courtney (2045)
  • Trevor Brooks (1982)
  • Craig Fisher (1800)

Team 2 (average rating at the time of this post: 1840)

  • Ernie Johnson (2040)
  • Peter Barkman (1893)
  • Bob Simmons (1848)
  • Darius Jafary (1579)

Club cancelled today

Due to the inclement weather, the club will not be meeting and the first round of the December Swiss will not take place tonight. Please do not come to Vassar, stay off the roads unless you need to travel for other reasons – but not for the chess club.

As to whether the tournament will remain 3 rounds or be compacted to 2 (and/or the time control changed), will be determined later – the decision will be posted here when it is.

Ernie erases all competition in November action

Nine players participated in the 4 round, 2 day event (11/11, 11/18), a G/25 + d4 affair (quick rated).

Ernie, acting as the TD and being the highest rated player, directed his own domination of the event, winning all 4 rounds and capturing sole first.

Mark Courtney (3/4) took second, losing only to Ernie. Michael Mendez (2.5/4) was alone in third place.

CLICK HERE for the full crosstable.

Courtney captures Club Championship

One of the premier club tournaments was held over October and early November, 5 rounds of G/90 + 5d to determine the Vassar-Chadwick club champion.

Twenty-one players battled it out over the course of 5 weeks, and when the dust had settled two players found themselves at the top of the hill with 4 points – Mark Courtney and Trevor Brooks.

But tournament chess is a harsh mistress and friendly ties is not part of her domain. Although Trevor defeated Mark in their head-to-head matchup, Mark played all 5 rounds (while Trevor took a bye in round 3) and due to the tiebreak factors ended up on top.

Congratulations to the 2019 Vassar-Chadwick Club Champion, Mark Courtney!

CLICK HERE for the full results.

Sheppard and Courtney tie atop Memorial

Eight players competed in this year’s Memorial tournament, held in Coldenham on October 19th.

While there were less than 10 participants, the field was very strong, with 3 players over 2000 and 3 others rated at least 1800.

After three rounds, Dore Sheppard and Mark Courtney topped the field with 2.5 points apiece. They both had their perfect tournament spoiled by Ernie Johnson, who was able to get a draw from both winners, and ended with 2 points.

Click HERE for full crosstable results.

I should also mention that Dore Sheppard recently won the under 2100 section of the NY State Championship, and had his picture and tournament-clinching game featured in the latest Empire Chess.

Matan takes 2019 Fall Swiss

Ten players participated in the three round, G/75 + 5d tournament held in September, and NM MATAN PRILLELTENSKY took first with 3 wins.

Mark Courtney and James Reap finished with 2 points (with Mark winning the head-to-head match-up).

This past Monday featured an unrated double round-robin Blitz event, won by Mark Courtney

Next Monday starts the Club Championship. Check our Event Schedule page for details and please come out and play in one of the premier events of our club.

Barking Bob Simmons takes Dog Days Swiss

Eight players decided to leave air conditioning behind and venture into the stifling heat, for three Mondays in a row, to compete in the Poughkeepsie Dog Days Swiss (G/75, d5).

The heat outside was nothing compared to the fire generated by the play of Bob Simmons, who took first place with an undefeated score – 3 wins, including over tournament favorite, Trevor Brooks, in the final round.

Dr. Craig Fisher (who was also the TD) captured second place with 2 wins and a bye.

Click HERE for the full crosstable results.

Bob Wehrli wins unrated Blitz

Ten players took part in Monday’s informal tournament, the G/5 unrated Blitz.

With only one loss, Wehrli took clear first with 8 points, followed closely behind by Ernie Johnson (7 points) and a tie for third between Dr. Craig Fisher and Mark Courtney (6 points apiece).

Out of the 45 games played there was only 1 draw – not too surprising given the Blitz time control

Join us next week for the start of the August Swiss G/75 3 round tournament.

Trevor Brooks squeaks out win in Poughkeepsie Swiss

Eight players set aside their summer plans and braved the oppressive heat to participate in the 3 round, G/60 Poughkeepsie Swiss that was held in the month of July.

Trevor, Ernie Johnson, and newcomer Keith Colleluori all ended up with 2 points, but Trevor takes first on tiebreaks – which only seems fair, as of the three he was the only one to play in all of the rounds.

The tournament was directed by Ernie, and you can CLICK HERE for the crosstable results.

Join us this upcoming Monday for some free unrated Blitz (or whatever you want to do).