Young vs Old results

Just like Tom Brady against Andrew Luck (minus the psi controversy), the Old triumphed over the Young last Monday, winning 3.5 to 2.5.

Young took first blood on board 1, as SM William Fisher dispatched Ernie Johnson.  Young 1 Old 0

On board 2, David Antonucci impressively won over a very tough Colin Denniston. Young 1 Old 1

On board 3, Craig Fisher’s Dutch defense took down Courtney Denniston’s English. See below for the game. Young 1 Old 2

On board 4, Michael O’Connor drew Brittany Denniston. Young 1.5 Old 2.5

On board 5, Ori Raz lost to newcomer Leonardo Morelli. Young 2.5 Old 2.5

Last but not least, on board 6 Lee Brown took down John Weigand, giving victory to the Old! Young 2.5 Old 3.5

Click here for Denniston, Courtney vs Fisher, Craig

Click here for the USCF crosstable

Deep Freeze Swiss 2015 results

Nine players participated in our first Quick event of the year, a 4 round Swiss (G/25 + 3 sec delay).

The winner was Leonid Freyvert, the favorite by rating, who was undefeated. In addition to the first place trophy, we are also handing out a biggest upset trophy to Angelo Delli Carpini (provisional rating 537), who defeated Ori Raz.

Check the USCF tournament site for full crosstable results.

Next tournament on Monday (1/19) is Young vs Old, a one game team event. Last year team Old triumphed – will Young get their revenge?

Turning Leaves results

It was the expected result, although he didn’t clinch until the last round. FIDE Master William Fisher wins the Turning Leaves Swiss with 3 out of 4 points. Ken Evans takes 2nd (2.5) on tiebreaks over Chris Brooks. William and Ken will receive trophies, to be handed out during the next event (Winter Swiss, starting December 1st).

See the USCF site for the full results.

Fisher simul

FIDE Master William Fisher (2497 USCF) graciously agreed to come up to Vassar on Saturday (November 15th) to give a simul. Nine players took up the challenge.

Pictures of the event can be found on our club Flickr page. We also had a reporter from the Poughkeepsie Journal stop by taking pictures, so you may find some photos in the paper as well.

Thank you to Vassar for letting us host this event and especially to William Fisher for taking time on a weekend to give players in the Hudson Valley a rare chance to play against such a high rated player.

Turning Leaves after three rounds

Twelve players have played at least one round in the Turning Leaves Swiss, with an average rating of 1848. It has been a bye-heavy event, so there is no perfect score. Three players (William Fisher, Leonid Freyvert, Scott Strattner) have 2 points, followed by five players with 1.5. It is still anyone’s tournament. Last round takes place 11/17, and don’t forget the special Saturday Simul (starring William Fisher, rated 2497) on 11/15.

     Name/Rtng/   Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3

1    William Fisher B 5  bye W 7                    2497         0.5  1.0  2.0 

2    Leonid Freyvert W 7 B 3  bye                2075         0.5 1.5  2.0 

3    Chris Brooks  B 11 W 2 bye                   2012         1.0 1.0  1.5 

4    Ernest Johnson bye W 8  —-                 2000         0.5 0.5  0.5 

5    Scott Strattner W 1 bye B 10                 1987         0.5 1.0  2.0 

6    Noah Kulick   —- bye W 11                     1891         0.0 0.5  1.5 

7    Kenneth R Evans B 2 W 10 B 1             1800         0.5 1.5  1.5 

8    Craig W Fisher bye B 4  —-                    1800         0.5 1.5  1.5 

9    Darius Jafary —-bye B 12                       1745         0.0 0.5  1.5 

10   George Oliveras bye B 7 W 5               1659         0.5 0.5  0.5 

11   Richard Whearty W 3 bye B 6                1569         0.0 0.5  0.5 

12   Robert Jedlicke—- bye W 9                   1135         0.0 0.5  0.5 

Coldenham Open

On very infrequent occasions you may find a Vassar-Chadwick chess tournament west of the Hudson river. On Saturday, nine players participated in just such a rare event, as they competed in the Coldenham Open. While the turnout was less than hoped for, the strength of the event could not be discounted (average rating: 1816).

The four round, G40 d/5 swiss took place at the Coldenham-Newburgh Reformed Presbyterian church. Free doughnuts and coffee welcomed  the players, with complementary pizza for lunch. Two-thirds of the participants took home a trophy. If you weren’t there (and you probably weren’t), you missed out on a great event! Hopefully we’ll be having more tournaments at this location, which is convenient for both the Vassar-Chadwick and Middletown chess clubs.

Leonid Freyvert took first place (3/4) on tiebreaks over master Lonnie Kwartler (who defeated Leo in the last round, but was nicked by David Antonucci in the first round). Mike Semel captured Top A, Dan Rosa played very well to take home the Top B trophy.

See the USCF for full crosstable information. Yes, I know I made a typo when submitting the event for rating. 🙂

Pictures are posted on our club Flickr page.

Special Event : Simul with Senior Master William Fisher

Chess Simul with a Master

When: Saturday, November 15th 2014
Start Time: 1:30pm (arrive early to ensure entry)
Where: Vassar Campus, Rockefeller Hall, Rooms 101 and 104
Who: William Fisher, USCF 2497 (Senior Master)
Cost: $10 entry fee (refreshments will be provided)

Senior Master William Fisher (in the top .2% of all US tournament chess players) will be giving a simultaneous exhibition (simul) at Vassar College, hosted by the Vassar-Chadwick Chess Club.

Information and Rules
In a simul, participants are seated with chess boards in a formation that makes it easy for the Master to reach everyone when walking around the room. All seated participants play with the Black pieces. To start each game the Master will make his first move as White on every board, moving around the room. Only the Master moves in this first rotation. When the Master gets back to your board, you make your move and the Master responds. You do not move again until he comes back to your board, but once he is at your board you should play right away to help move things along.


The game ends when one side resigns, checkmate is delivered, or a draw is agreed (etiquette states that the Master should make the draw offer – which a participant is not obligated to accept).

Seating is limited, and preference will be given to current USCF members.

Vassar-Chadwick Chess Club will provide boards and pieces but quantities are limited. Please bring your own chess set if you have one.

For more information, contact the club ( and visit our website for updates and other event details (

July Swiss results

Leonid Freyvert bulldozed through the field to take the July Swiss with a perfect 4-0 score. The event, which was ably directed by Dr. Fisher, had 13 participants. Brittany Denniston took 2nd (2.5) on tiebreaks (edging her brother Colin, who also had 2.5). Pretty impressive, considering they both did not play the last round. The USCF has the full crosstable.