MLK Blitz

Ernie Johnson (6.5) upset Chris Brooks’ (9) run at a perfect tournament by splitting in the last round of this double round robin.  Trevor Brooks scored 5/10, while JJ Oracz chipped in with 4/10.

4 Games @ Poughkeepsie 1/8

Today was our 4 games event tonight, shortened to three games as almost everyone took a last round bye.  Everyone seems to like having things wrapped up before 10…something to think about.  Back to the tournament, we had our first upset of the year as Trevor Brooks drew club champion Chris Brooks in round 2.  They ended up tying for 1st with 2.5/3 while Michael Mendez scored 2/3.  Next week is our blitz, its back to G5.

January 8

Our 4 Games @ Poughkeepsie tournament (G20 d10) has two start times:

4-SS, Registration at 630, Round 1 at 7.  3-SS, Registration at 730, Round 2 at 8.


Happy New Year to our members and followers!  A reminder that we will return on January 8 at 630 PM for our four rated games tournament!  Also, the blitz on January 15 has a time control of Game 5, no delay.  It will still be a double swiss, double round robin if there are six or less players.

4 Games @ Poughkeepsie

Our inaugural 4 Games @ Poughkeepsie got off to a slow start, with only four players showing up for the 7 PM start.  Relative newcomer Rudolph Van Dommele won the converted quad with 2.5/3 total.  Ernie Johnson finished with 2/3.  Our next 4-game event is January 8, again starting at 7.

For those that might be confused by this new pilot format, we start these 4-game events at 7.  If you cannot make it for 7, you can come at regular time and still play three games (1/2 point bye for round 1).  Those that have to leave early (parents with kids) can do so after round 3, which finished today at 9:45 PM.  The time control for all rounds is Game 20 with 10 second delay.

Vassar Quad 12/4

Chris Brooks and Sandhya Sudarsanam won their respective quads with perfect 3-0 scores!  Sandhya upset newcomer Joshua Chapman in the final round to take 1st in that quad.  I apologize for the incorrect post last week, but next week the first round will begin at 7PM.  Registration will get going around 6:30.  A bye is available for the first or last round.

Vassar Quad 11/27

Trevor Brooks upset Ernie Johnson to win this latest addition to the Vassar Quads (converted to swiss).  He finished with 3 points, Ernie, Shiv and Darius finished with 2.  A reminder that next week, round 1 starts at 7.

Grand Prix Nov 20.

Congrats to our Chadwick Grand Prix bonus point winners, updated after the club championship:

  • (4.0) Chris Brooks / Chris Keefe: 1st/2nd
  • (3.5) Ernie Johnson / Peter Barkman: Class A
  • (3.0) Darius Jafary: Class B
  • (2.5) Ori Raz: Class C
  • (2.0) Michael Guse / Taylor Dean / David Wright: Class D