Club Championship starts on Monday!

The 2nd greatest event on Earth, or at least one of the most prestigious chess tournament held by our club – the Vassar-Chadwick Club Championship – is starting this Monday, March 21st.

This is a relatively new event for the club, starting in 2017 (and not having been played in 2020 or 2021), and is the Spring premier event. The defending club champion is Mark Courtney (2019).

It is a long time control event – 90 minutes with 5 second delay. Don’t worry if you are new, you don’t have to really be a ‘club regular’ or know the secret handshake, you just have to have a valid and non-expired US Chess Federation membership, and pay the $10 entry fee. That’s $10 for 5 rounds of intense over the board tournament chess – can’t be beat!

What’s the greatest event on Earth? Well some would say that is our Fall premier event, the historic Dutchess County Championship (DCC)…but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

No one has yet won the Double Crown – captured the Club and DCC in the same year. Will someone do it this year? Will it be you? Join us on Monday and good luck to all who compete!

Finally, those so inclined would do a great service to the club and posterity by sending in games from this (or any event) to me – just message the club on Facebook and I’ll post them up for all to see.

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