Club members at USATE 2022

The US Amateur Team East was back to in-person fun at the fabulous Parsippany Hilton last month, and a number of club regulars took part in this great event.

While I did not receive any games or photos from those who were there (still time to rectify that!), I did go through the results and hopefully have discovered who attended. If I missed anyone, please let me know in the Facebook comments to this post.

The full results can be found HERE.

Finding Nepo (3/6) consisted of long-time Middletown/Vassar crew:

Board 1: Dore Sheppard
Board 2: Ernie Johnson
Board 3: Mike Semel
Board 4: Peter Barkman (4.5 points out of 5 games!)

Being “experienced”, the team decided to withdraw after their fifth round victory and get home early.

Poughkeepsie Chess Club (3.5/6) consisted of the “new generation”:

Board 1: Alex Sinnot
Board 2: Ron Sperber
Board 3: James Reap
Board 4: David Sperber

Rumor is that the go-to steakhouse saw prices almost double what they used to be. šŸ™

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