Deep Freeze results

Fifteen players participated in the first tournament of the year, which completed this past Monday. Trevor Brooks was the only one with 3 wins and thus captures first place – congrats!

Second and Third are shared with Alex Sinnott and Gilad Drillich, who drew each other in the final round and ended with 2.5 out of 3.

Booster prize goes to unrated(!) Nicholas Polizzi, who finished with 2 wins and a loss only to 2100 rated Alex. Impressive result.

Because I delayed in writing up this report, the tournament has already been rated and you can see the full results here:

Reminder that the next event is an unrated – and free – Valentine’s Blitz (G/5) on 2/14. Tell your significant other you are treating them to a special event and then bring them to the club! Actually, don’t do that, it probably will not end well.

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