Stanley Chadwick results

Newcomer “Untapped_Potential” didn’t leave much untapped, as he cruised through the 5 round Swiss – winning all games, and boasting a 2260 performance rating! The real person behind Untapped_Potential, Nick, is eager to play OTB once that becomes possible again. For someone who does not appear to have a USCF rating, he is quite strong and will be a force to be reckoned with.

With 3.5/5, Mark Courtney (“chadwick2000”) took 2nd place, and Ernie Johnson (“soulpower74”) captured third (on tiebreaks), with 3 out of 5. Twelve players in total participated, which is also good to see.

Look for more online events coming soon – let us known on our Facebook page, if other days and times work better for you.

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