Unrated Blitz

Ten (technically eleven) players decided to put aside concerns for rating points and compete for the love of chess (plus some bragging rights) in Monday’s Unrated Blitz event. Being unrated, the nine round event did feature a highly illegal mid-tournament substitution, making any truly fair ranking impossible. Still, regardless of objectivity, people want to know – who won?

Well, in the last two rounds Trevor Brooks went 0.5/2, drawing Craig Fisher and losing to Ernie Johnson. Trevor must have had an awful tournament, finishing near the bottom…just kidding! He triumphed in every other game, and won the event with a round to spare. Trevor takes it with 7.5/9.

Tied for 2nd place, John Weigand and the aforementioned Ernie Johnson finished with 7 points. Eric Horsboll had 6, and Craig ended with a respectable 5.5 out of 9.

A few pictures will be posted to the club’s Facebook page.

Reminder – NO CHESS next Monday (4th of July week).

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