World Open, etc

Several club members played in this past weekend’s World Open.Ā  A breakdown as to what occurred follows:

  • Chris Brooks (u2200): Hampered by a recent injury to his playing hand and wrist – lost three heart-breakers in the final seconds early on in the event and finished 3-1-5, including a reentry after the first loss.
  • John Weigand (u1800): After flirting with drama in the early rounds, faltered a bit mid-tournament and ended up with a very respectable 6/9 in his first “major”.
  • JJ Oracz (u1800): JJ was up and down all tournament long and finished with a decent 5/8.
  • Darius Jafary (u1800): Darius was also up and down, finished with 4/9.
  • Michael Mendez (u1800): Mendez had a tough tournament saying the least, only scoring 2.5/9.

Better luck next year šŸ˜‰

The club reopens tonight for business after a break for the holiday with a short three round quick event.

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