A Note on Parking

I would like to put a quick blurb on our parking situation near Rockefeller Hall (especially for the club championship/DCC weeks).  Our directions page is here to get to the area.  Once on that side road on campus, across from Rockefeller is a rectangular parking lot with about a half dozen spots (driving south its on the left, north on the right).  These fill quickly on our busier weeks.  On the same side of the road, you will see a street (one-way against) feeding into the intersection.  Loop around the main building to net five more spots after those designated for admissions.

Alternatively, making an immediate right from the north gate is the main visitor parking lot, even though the walk is a bit long from there.  Follow the street behind the lot, it turns south and leads to more parking, although these spaces also fill quickly, although not as quickly as the set mentioned above.

There is parking on the main gate driveway right after the guard shack, but I have almost never seen parking there, although I have observed some members walking in that direction when leaving.  Maybe I’m just unlucky.

Finally, there’s parking on Raymond Av itself.  There’s a break in the stone wall with an iron arch gate and (I believe) a sorority/frat across the street.  A pedestrian path leads into the campus.  Parking there and taking that path will lead pass the library, and Rockefeller Hall is the next building.  This is the most surefire way to get a spot if you notice its 715 and everywhere else is full.  In almost every case I have been able to pull right up next to the arch itself.

Happy parking and we’ll see you next week at our club championship.

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