Next club match July 2nd

Reminder: Those interested in playing online as a club (not USCF rated), please join our team here: (when you request to join, please share your real name so that we know you are a member).

The Westchester chess club has been running tournaments with neighboring clubs online, and last month invited us to our first one, which was well received – and our club put in a good showing, giving Westchester a run for their money. The next tournament is scheduled for July 2nd (8pm start, 10+5 games), and (once you join our online team) you can reserve your spot here:

At the team page you will find a chat and forum feature, to ask questions and converse with your fellow Vassar-Chadwickians. Hope to see you at the tournament!

Note: The online event has some rules unlike those you may be familiar with in over the board tournament play. If you go to the tournament link above and scroll down, you will see a nice overview of the “arena” style tournament format, including the “beserk” mode.

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