Vassar-Chadwick Middletown Match Result

On Saturday, October 26th, 21 players from both sides of the Hudson River met to determine which chess club could claim to be the best of the Mid-Hudson Valley – or at least keep the traveling trophy until next year.

In the blue corner we have the Middletown club, featuring two Masters (Lonnie Kwartler and Sergio Almeida). And in the red corner, our very own Vassar-Chadwick contingent, headed by two Experts (Chris Brooks and Alan Lasser). While Middletown was the favorite on the top boards, we had an advantage on the lower boards – a tough struggle in any case.

When the dust had settled, Vassar-Chadwick took the trophy with an 11-9 score; the result was close, reflecting the difficult contest that could have gone either way.

All participants seemed to enjoy the match, and we look forward to doing this again next year. Will you join us?

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