Our very own Renaissance man

Trevor Brooks is an accomplished chess player (an underrated 1982 USCF), actor (do you have an IMDB page?), and now published author. In the latest Chess Life Kids, Trevor has a 3 page article titled The Masked GrandMaster.

It is not about what Hikaru Nakamura wore last Halloween. It covers a game featuring an unnamed GM. In the course of the article he provides clues and details of the GM’s life, interspersed with the moves and commentary on the game.

Access to the magazine requires (as far as I can tell) membership in the USCF, as you need to log in to see it. Here is the link: https://new.uschess.org/chess-life-kids-magazine-issues

However, I plan to extract Trevor’s article and post it to our Facebook page. So check back soon!

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