Trevor Brooks is 2021 DCC Champ!

By all accounts a successful event, especially considering the situation we find ourselves in. Lots of new faces too, which is always wonderful to see.

After the dust had settled, three players ended up with the same score (Trevor Brooks, Alex Sinnott, Ron Sperber), and it was time to dust off the tiebreak rules. Trevor Brooks came out on top and now has a Dutchess County Chess Championship title (likely the first of many) to add to his portfolio.

Second place goes to club newcomer (but 2100+ Expert) Alex Sinnott – congrats Alex!

The class A prize goes to Ron Sperber. From his player page on USCF it appears that Ron took a 20 year hiatus from tournament play, returning earlier this year. But he certainly didn’t play like it – welcome back Ron! Just to show I do my homework, did you know that Ron tied for first (but just like in DCC lost on tiebreaks) in the Novice section of the National High School Championship in 1972?

The class B (and under) prize went to Bertrand Topczylko, who, while only listed on paper as a class E player, ended up with a better score than anyone else class B and below. I am not a psychic, but I predict Bertrand will soon be class B (say that five times fast). Congrats, Bertrand!

The results have not been posted to USCF yet as we are waiting on a player to send in his membership, but we will do so shortly. When it has been processed I’ll update Facebook with the full crosstable results.

Thanks everyone who played and helped to keep Vassar-Chadwick the most active club in the region, and the DCC the most prestigious event of the year. But chess is far from over in 2021, as the next two Mondays feature a four round G/30 event, for those exhausted from the long games. And for speed junkies, the last event of the year, December 6, will be blitz.

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