DCC Round 4 standings

Once the tournament is over I’ll be posting the games I’ve collected, including round 4’s board one match between Chester Bean and Chris Brooks. It’s an interesting game (who knew the Nimzowitsch defense was something to fear?), with Brooks coming out on top. And with the win, he takes a commanding full point lead going into the final round. The only ones with any hope of catching him (although perhaps that won’t be good enough, given the tiebreaks), sit at 3 points:

Chester Bean

Ken Evans

David Antonucci (unfortunately, he has withdrawn)

Leonid Freyvert

Ernie Johnson

But even if first place is out of reach, there’s still reason to play – remember that there will be class trophies (for any class with at least 4 eligible participants).

DCC 2014 round 4 standings

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