DCC 2014 Full Results

As mentioned earlier, Chris Brooks is the 2014 Dutchess County Chess Champion. Second place goes to Leonid Freyvert, whose rating will hopefully soon catch up to his actual skill. Both will receive trophies, but more importantly the adoration of chess fans all over the world. Ok, maybe just parts of the Mid-Hudson Valley.

Class trophies will be handed out to the following people (those listed underneath each winner are honorable mentions, to show at least 4 participants in each class):

Top A (1999 – 1800) : Chester Bean
Colin Denniston
Ken Evans
David Antonucci
Top B (1799 – 1600) : Darius Jafary
George Oliveras
Daniel Rosa
Michael O’Connor
Top C (1599 – 1400) : Courtney Denniston
James Lynch
Mark Webb
Richard Whearty
Top D & Unrated (1399 and below) : Adrien Cadwallader
Krishnan Ram
Robert Jedlicka
John Weigand

Congratulations to every winner and thanks to all who participated.

There’s a minor membership issue that needs to be worked out with the USCF, so look for the actual crosstable in a couple days.

In the meantime, click RIGHT HERE to see the final standings and tiebreaks for all participants.

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