USATE 2013

Once again Vassar-Chadwick sent multiple teams to one of the most enjoyable tournaments of the year, the US Amateur Team East. Participants included the following (with their final score and rating change in parenthesis): (3.5)

Board 1: Ernie Johnson (2, -20)     Board 1 is a thankless job…

Board 2: Scott Strattner (4, -1)

Board 3: Ken Evans (4, -11)

Board 4: Darius Jafary (5.5, +10)     Congrats to Darius for a tremendous result!

Vassar-Chadwick B (3.0)

Board 1: David Bedoukian (2, -8)

Board 2: Dr. Craig Fisher (4, +27)     That’s a healthy jump in rating points!

Board 3: Bob Simmons (1.5, 0)

Board 4: Dan Rosa (3.5, +12)

as well as:

Northeastern Huskies (2.5)

Board 1: David Antonucci (0, -44)     Did I mention how difficult it is to play board 1?

Board 2: Michael Raphael (2.5, -16)

Neither the group or individual scores (or rating adjustment) can tell the full picture. You may sweat out a grueling 6 hour draw against a scrappy youngster who seems to play the right move every time, only to find out his rating is 350 points less than yours. All kids are underrated! What makes USATE a memorable time is the camaraderie and spectacle of joining over a thousand other chess-obsessed folks for team-oriented combat. I am already looking forward to next year – and next time I’m going to take a quick draw to make sure I can make it to Arthur’s for their great prime rib.

Team results and prizes. USCF crosstable.

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