DCC Round 4 standings

Once the tournament is over I’ll be posting the games I’ve collected, including round 4’s board one match between Chester Bean and Chris Brooks. It’s an interesting game (who knew the Nimzowitsch defense was something to fear?), with Brooks coming out on top. And with the win, he takes a commanding full point lead going into the final round. The only ones with any hope of catching him (although perhaps that won’t be good enough, given the tiebreaks), sit at 3 points:

Chester Bean

Ken Evans

David Antonucci (unfortunately, he has withdrawn)

Leonid Freyvert

Ernie Johnson

But even if first place is out of reach, there’s still reason to play – remember that there will be class trophies (for any class with at least 4 eligible participants).

DCC 2014 round 4 standings

St. Patrick’s Day Blitz results

Ten players participated in our holiday Round Robin tournament, a good turnout and a night filled with inexpensive chess action (with 9 rounds, that’s a little over 50 cents a game per person!). This was a ‘real’ blitz, no increment or delay, which led to more than one loss on time. Forfeit on illegal move (a variation listed in the USCF rulebook) was announced ahead of time and that also led to some unfortunate results. But that is life on the edge – blitz is to regular chess as a Bugatti Veyron is to a school bus. They serve completely different functions, and just because you can drive one doesn’t mean you can handle the other.

But enough of bad analogies, who won? Glad you asked! Finishing in sole first place, and soon to be proud recipient of a chess medal, is Matthew Brown, with 8 points out of 9. In second place, also alone, but without any medal to show for it, is Leonid Freyvert (7). Dr. Craig Fisher and Scott Strattner shared 3rd place (6), and Brandon Wang took claim of fifth place (5.5). The full results can be found on the USCF site.

I would like to give kudos to the USCF staff. I had an issue submitting the tournament online, due to the membership status of a participant (which I could also not renew online). After some emails and a call, it was all straightened out.

DCC Round 3 standings

Round 3 is over, and two players are left with perfect scores. I will give you a hint, they both have the initials C.B..

That’s right, Chester Bean and Chris Brooks will be meeting in round 4. That will be a great game to watch.

Still very much in the hunt, with 2.5/3, are David Antonucci and Ernie Johnson, and 6 more players with 2 points.

Here is the full standing by player name, listed in tiebreak order. Score groups are shown in alternating bold font.

Chris Brooks
Chester Bean
David Antonucci
Ernest Johnson Jr
Leonid Freyvert
Kenneth R Evans
Richard Whearty
Colin T Denniston
Eric Horsboll
Darius Jafary
Seamus Gould
Ayman Haoula
Robert A Simmons
Adrie Cadwallader
Krishnan Ram
Ronald Ja Holland
Courtne Denniston
James Lynch
Mark C Webb
Craig W Fisher
Michael Mendez
George Oliveras
Brittan Denniston
Noah Kulick
John Weigand
Christophe Orcutt
Daniel Rosa
Robert Jedlicke
Michael O’Connor
Scott Strattner
Alfred Musumeci
Richard Dobbins
Keith C D’Elia
Jeff Messerich

Club meeting and election results

Before the 3rd round of the Dutchess County Championship (standings to be posted tonight, stay tuned!), we held our annual club meeting. Some of the topics discussed:

Having a night dedicated to analysis. Instead of playing a game, we go over one or more games played by club members, where we can get deep into the position, look for missed opportunities, and have a cooperative environment where we can all hopefully improve our understanding of chess. To do this, without impacting our normal tournament schedule, requires us obtaining a room at Vassar on another night, possibly a weekend. We will announce this if/when this occurs.

Obtaining some inexpensive digital clocks. Not everyone who comes to the club brings a clock. While we have extra sets (although we could update those as well), we do not have any spare clocks. And with some form of delay being ubiquitous, an analog clock is no longer ideal. We will be working with the treasurer to find the best deal. This does not mean you should come to a tournament assuming a clock will be provided!

Changing delay to 10 seconds. This is being done by a major organizer (Continental Chess), and we should take a look at running some our tournaments with the increased delay time. We will need to look at what to set the main time for, to avoid situations where games bleed into other rounds (or too late at night).

Bringing in another GM/IM for analysis/simul. The IM Bonin simul was a big hit, and we will look at bringing in more titled players from NYC (or elsewhere) to our region. The biggest concern is funding the appearance; our club runs very low cost tournaments and does not take in membership fees. It’s a lean, frugal ship. But we will look at our options in this area, given the interest level.

In addition, we went through the election of the club officers. By unanimous decision (primarily due to no one else wanting to run), all positions will remain with their current holders.

DCC Round 2 standings

After round 2, there are four players (out of 32) with a perfect score: Chester Bean, Chris Brooks, Ken Evans, and Leonid Freyvert.

Reminder: The annual club meeting will be held prior to the 3rd round (3/10) at 7pm. It is important to attend this meeting if you’d like to let your voice be heard. Even if you don’t want to attend the meeting, it is very important to arrive before 7:30pm to ensure you will be added to the pairings and get a game.

I am having an issue pasting the complete standings, and have them show up nicely, so instead here is a link to the PDF.

As always, if you have any questions, email chess@vassar-chadwick.com

VCC Annual Meeting moved

The annual club meeting will now take place prior to the start of the 3rd round (March 10th). Arrive by 7pm to hear about the state of the club as well as participate in the election of officers, and to voice your opinions on what direction the club should take.

Dutchess County Championship 2014

Get ready sports fans, the premier event of the Vassar-Chadwick tournament schedule is upon us. On Monday we begin the battle to determine the 2014 Dutchess County Chess Champion. Oh the riches that await he (or she) who is crowned champ, the glory, the groupies – the world will be your oyster, but only if you are the last one standing (have the highest score and best tiebreaks, if needed).

To reflect the special nature of the DCC, I will be assigning pairings by board number, and will mark the board numbers in the room. The first board will have the table in the front (normally where the TD sits). The TD area will be stationed in the other room, which will also hold the lower boards if we run out of room in the main playing area. If we can fit all the games in one room, then the second room will be available as a skittles area; if that is also occupied by games, there is usually a free room down the end of the hall.

As a reminder, a maximum of two 1/2 point byes will be available per player, for any round except the last. Trophies will be given out to first and second place, and then to the top score in each class (A, B, C, D, E/Unrated), provided there are at least 4 participants in that class.

The time control is longer than our standard; G/90 with a 5 second delay. We need to start as close to on time as possible, as games can last over 3 hours. This means – show up early enough to get added to the pairings. If you arrive at 7:31, you may be too late. Give yourself enough time to handle traffic and weather.

Finally, a $1 refund to the entry fee will be given at the end of the tournament to any player who submits at least three legible scoresheets to the TD (games from this tournament only, of course).

USATE results for Vassar-Chadwick

The USCF has posted the crosstable for the US Amateur Team East; I’ve done the hard work for you and picked out those who are Vassar-Chadwick members. As a reminder, there were two teams this year:

Vassar-Chadwick A

Robert Sulman

Robert Sulman

Ernie Johnson

Ernie Johnson

Peter Barkman

Peter Barkman

David Antonucci

David Antonucci

Dr. Michael Raphael (alternate)

Michael Raphael

Vassar-Chadwick BBBBB

Ken Evans

Ken Evans

Dr. Craig Fisher

Craig Fisher

Darius Jafary

Darius Jafary

Dan Rosa

Dan Rosa


Sulman had an incredible result on board 1 for team A, with 5 points (two draws, no losses).

But USATE is a team event, how did the teams do? You can find all those details on the NJ Chess Federation site, but for our teams they had a good showing, 3.5 points each.

Let’s ignore that they spelled one of the team’s names wrong. Next year, we are coming up with better names!

Team results

Year of the Horse 2014

A total of 20 players participated in the Year of the Horse Swiss. Although a short affair with only three rounds, there was plenty of action. The leader after 2 rounds, Colin, was unfortunately not able to play in the last round, and so the top board featured Chris Brooks and Ernie Johnson.

Ernie triumphed, and in doing so captured sole first place (2.5 points). Robert Simmons (2/3) took 2nd on tiebreaks.

I have the Johnson – Brooks game, and will post it along with some others shortly. If you have any other games from this tournament you’d like to share, please send them to me.

Special congrats to Colin for making 1900, I’d like to welcome newcomer Adrien Cadwallader, who beat a class C player in his very first USCF game!

See the USCF for the full crosstable.