Winter and Spring Schedule published, and USATE teams

Check the Event Schedule page for list of events through the middle of May. Plenty of chess action, including the Dutchess County Chess Championship and the club’s favorite out of state event, the United States Amateur Team East (USATE). This year is special, being the 50th anniversary of the tournament.

Speaking of which, there are currently two planned teams:

Team 1 (average rating at the time of this post: 2014)

  • Robbie Sulman (2229)
  • Mark Courtney (2045)
  • Trevor Brooks (1982)
  • Craig Fisher (1800)

Team 2 (average rating at the time of this post: 1840)

  • Ernie Johnson (2040)
  • Peter Barkman (1893)
  • Bob Simmons (1848)
  • Darius Jafary (1579)

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