Odds and Ends

There was an unfortunate delay in getting the US Chess Federation to rate the Dutchess County Chess Championship, a process that involved many emails between Michael O’Connor and the staff of USCF. But it was finally resolved, and Michael has the trophies ready to present to the winners on January 24th, our first night back (and the start of a 3 round G/75 Swiss).

We would like everyone to attend, but especially those who will be receiving trophies: Alex Sinnot, Ron Sperber, and Bertand Topczlko. Congrats and let’s have a lot more OTB chess action in 2022!

Also, I want to mention that although our club is not returning to in-person chess until 1/24, the Coldenham Chess Club (run by our president, Ernie Johnson) is host chess at the Coldenham RP Church – Tuesday nights starting at 5:30pm. See their Facebook page for more info: https://www.facebook.com/Coldenha

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