Round 1 results for Deep Freeze Swiss

This Monday featured the start of the first tournament of the year, the G/75+5 Deep Freeze Swiss. Twelve players took the plunge into the frigid waters of Rockefeller Hall, but it is never too late to join us next Monday (you may even get a first round 1/2 point bye for your trouble).

Three new players joined us for this event, including a strong HS student from Marlboro, Nicholas Polizzi, who was able to take down Bob Simmons – not an easy task! Good to see new blood to the club (especially if I don’t have to play them…)

Full results:

Board 1: Alex Sinnott 1-0 James Reap
Board 2: Bertrand Topcyzlko 0-1 Ernie Johnson
Board 3: Trevor Brooks 1-0 David Sperber
Board 4: Nicholas Polizzi 1-0 Bob Simmons
Board 5: Gilad Drillich 1-0 Luca Rader
Board 6: Michael O’Connor 0-1 Ron Sperber

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