NY State Open

Thanks to Ernie for letting me know some Vassar-Chadwick members played in the recently completed NY State Open.

Craig Fisher, Ken Evans, and Mark Webb competed in the Senior section (in golf they call that the more charitable Champions league). Craig took a bye in the last round and still finished just out of the money, in a share of 4th place (3 out of 5 points). Ken did well, with 2.5 points and getting three draws against players who ended up in the top 10. Mark also ended with 2.5, but unfortunately had to play Craig in the 4th round. That seems to be always how it is – no matter how far you travel to play in a big tournament, you inevitably end up playing someone from your club.

Middletown Master Lonnie Kwartler got a share of 2nd place in the Open section (and technically, the highest result among NY participants). Who won? GM Ivanov, who out-rated his nearest competitor by almost 300 points.

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