Marist, May Swiss, and Chicago

Just a reminder that tonight starts the Marist portion of the club calendar. Tonight is the first of a four round Swiss, game in 75 minutes with 10 second delay. As a special bonus, every player who plays in all four rounds will be placed in a drawing, the winner of which will get their choice of one gently used chess book.

The last tournament held at Vassar, the May Swiss, was won by Colin Denniston. Colin went undefeated, and now holds an impressive 1932 rating. He did not have an easy road to victory either, as he defeated Leonid Freyvert – a relative newcomer to the club who has seemed almost unbeatable and sports a (provisional) rating over 2000. Full USCF crosstable here.

Last but not least, our current Dutchess County Champion, Chris Brooks, took a train to the Windy City and competed in the well-attended Chicago Open (U2100 section). He finished at 50% (3.5 out of 7) against a tough field. You can see the full results here.

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