Junebug Swiss 2014 results

Thirteen players took time out from laying in the sun to play in the Junebug Swiss (June 2nd – 23rd). The Summer schedule usually sees a drop in participation, so this was a good turnout.

Going into the last round, Dr. Craig Fisher and Ernie Johnson were tied for the lead (2.5 out of 3), and would face off in the final round. Their game was the last to finish, and when the dust had settled Ernie took the title of Junebug champion. Not that this is a real title. But it does come with a real trophy.

Leonid Freyvert (3/4) ended up in sole 2nd place, with Dr. Fisher and Richard Whearty sharing third.

Prior to the last round a book prize drawing was done, with all players who played all rounds eligible. As a harbinger of his chess result, Ernie also won this event, and walked (drove) home with Jacob Aagard’s Excelling at Technical Chess. Congrats, Ernie!

Shortly the USCF will have the full crosstable available.

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