Club Relaunch

After our summer vacation at Marist (and our first time at Donnelly Hall), the club will relaunch with new events, time controls and prizes.  A lot of time, thought and feelings (some hurt) were put into this overhaul to ensure the club’s survival over 80+ years, and we intend to be here for the Hudson Valley for decades to come.  A complete rundown of the updates and changes are as follows:

  • Seasonal open tournaments – These replace the old Leaves’ tournaments, and are run in the Fall and Spring.  We will award trophies as usual.
  • Vassar-Chadwick Club Championship – This is our new flagship tournament (along with the unchanged DCC in February) that will run between Columbus Day and Thanksgiving.  It will culminate in a playoff to break any ties if necessary – one champion will stand in the end!
  • Chadwick Grand Prix – Recently rebalanced, our in-house grand prix will run throughout the calendar year while at Vassar.  Prizes will be awarded at years’ end, mostly for each class.
  • Safety – To guard against inclement weather typical of our winters, between Thanksgiving and Presidents’ Day we will only run one-day events, and will cancel them as necessary. Cancellations will be announced the night before on Facebook, Twitter and on our website.
  • Quads – These dual rated events will run between Thanksgiving and Presidents’ Day, and can be converted to swiss-style tournaments.  To the winner goes the spoils – and lots of Chadwick GP points.
  • 4 Games at Poughkeepsie! – These dual rated events will run monthly between Thanksgiving and Presidents’ Day.  Start time is promptly at 7 PM to ensure we finish on time.
  • Thanks to Scott Strattner and Tiffany Brooks, our website and social media accounts have been synchronized so we can draw better than we have.  We also have a larger presence in Chess Life as well.
  • Blitz tournaments – Generally around each holiday, we will run a blitz tournament with a time control of Game 3+2 or 2 second delay.  This conforms to what was run during the recently completed World Blitz Championships.
  • Hudson Valley Blitz Championship – This tournament will run annually, starting next Spring (probably in May).  Those players who will have completed all previous blitz tournaments this season (a waiver for Thanksgiving if playing in a playoff) will have free entry for this event.
  • Free entry – Masters over 2200 will have free entry at all times to our tournaments.  Juniors under 18 will have free or reduced entry to all events as noted in our schedule.

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