NYS Championship

As usual, many of our club players make the trip up to Albany for the annual New York State Championship hosted by CCA.  Brandon Wang scored a respectable 2.5/6 in the Open section, with little change to his post rating.  Bobby Sulman finished with 1.5/4 before dropping out. Meanwhile in the u2100 section, Ernie Johnson scored a disappointing 2.5/6, while Ken Evans scored 2/6.  The bright spots occurred in the u1800 section, with Darius Jafary, fresh off a forgettable Washington International, tying for 2nd with 5/6, and adding a whopping 146 points to his rating, his best result in years!  Trevor Brooks also scored a solid 4/6, although losing to Darius in round 4 hurt.  Congratulations to Darius for Trevor for their performance on the regional stage.

The Poughkeepsie Fall Open will begin tomorrow, in Rockefeller 101.  We will try to secure a skittles room upstairs, or wait until ~830 or so for 104 (which has a class in it until 8 PM this semester).

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