DCC Round 2 standings

After round 2, there are four players (out of 32) with a perfect score: Chester Bean, Chris Brooks, Ken Evans, and Leonid Freyvert.

Reminder: The annual club meeting will be held prior to the 3rd round (3/10) at 7pm. It is important to attend this meeting if you’d like to let your voice be heard. Even if you don’t want to attend the meeting, it is very important to arrive before 7:30pm to ensure you will be added to the pairings and get a game.

I am having an issue pasting the complete standings, and have them show up nicely, so instead here is a link to the PDF.

As always, if you have any questions, email chess@vassar-chadwick.com

VCC Annual Meeting moved

The annual club meeting will now take place prior to the start of the 3rd round (March 10th). Arrive by 7pm to hear about the state of the club as well as participate in the election of officers, and to voice your opinions on what direction the club should take.

Dutchess County Championship 2014

Get ready sports fans, the premier event of the Vassar-Chadwick tournament schedule is upon us. On Monday we begin the battle to determine the 2014 Dutchess County Chess Champion. Oh the riches that await he (or she) who is crowned champ, the glory, the groupies – the world will be your oyster, but only if you are the last one standing (have the highest score and best tiebreaks, if needed).

To reflect the special nature of the DCC, I will be assigning pairings by board number, and will mark the board numbers in the room. The first board will have the table in the front (normally where the TD sits). The TD area will be stationed in the other room, which will also hold the lower boards if we run out of room in the main playing area. If we can fit all the games in one room, then the second room will be available as a skittles area; if that is also occupied by games, there is usually a free room down the end of the hall.

As a reminder, a maximum of two 1/2 point byes will be available per player, for any round except the last. Trophies will be given out to first and second place, and then to the top score in each class (A, B, C, D, E/Unrated), provided there are at least 4 participants in that class.

The time control is longer than our standard; G/90 with a 5 second delay. We need to start as close to on time as possible, as games can last over 3 hours. This means – show up early enough to get added to the pairings. If you arrive at 7:31, you may be too late. Give yourself enough time to handle traffic and weather.

Finally, a $1 refund to the entry fee will be given at the end of the tournament to any player who submits at least three legible scoresheets to the TD (games from this tournament only, of course).

USATE results for Vassar-Chadwick

The USCF has posted the crosstable for the US Amateur Team East; I’ve done the hard work for you and picked out those who are Vassar-Chadwick members. As a reminder, there were two teams this year:

Vassar-Chadwick A

Robert Sulman

Robert Sulman

Ernie Johnson

Ernie Johnson

Peter Barkman

Peter Barkman

David Antonucci

David Antonucci

Dr. Michael Raphael (alternate)

Michael Raphael

Vassar-Chadwick BBBBB

Ken Evans

Ken Evans

Dr. Craig Fisher

Craig Fisher

Darius Jafary

Darius Jafary

Dan Rosa

Dan Rosa


Sulman had an incredible result on board 1 for team A, with 5 points (two draws, no losses).

But USATE is a team event, how did the teams do? You can find all those details on the NJ Chess Federation site, but for our teams they had a good showing, 3.5 points each.

Let’s ignore that they spelled one of the team’s names wrong. Next year, we are coming up with better names!

Team results

Year of the Horse 2014

A total of 20 players participated in the Year of the Horse Swiss. Although a short affair with only three rounds, there was plenty of action. The leader after 2 rounds, Colin, was unfortunately not able to play in the last round, and so the top board featured Chris Brooks and Ernie Johnson.

Ernie triumphed, and in doing so captured sole first place (2.5 points). Robert Simmons (2/3) took 2nd on tiebreaks.

I have the Johnson – Brooks game, and will post it along with some others shortly. If you have any other games from this tournament you’d like to share, please send them to me.

Special congrats to Colin for making 1900, I’d like to welcome newcomer Adrien Cadwallader, who beat a class C player in his very first USCF game!

See the USCF for the full crosstable.

Year of the Horse standings

After two rounds, Colin Denniston has the only perfect score, and sits alone in first place (2/2). A logjam follows at 1.5, with Chris Brooks, Scott Strattner, Courtney Denniston, Ernie Johnson, and David Antonucci. It was a very nice turnout on Monday, considering the weather.

Unfortunately a work commitment means that I will not be able to TD the final round, but thankfully Dr. Fisher will be taking over.

year of the horse standings

Old triumphs over the Young

The fourth annual generational battle, Young vs Old, was played on Monday (Jan 20th). Twelve players, split up based on birth date into 6 player teams, competed in a one G/75 match to determine whether the decrepit elders could hold off the vigorous striplings for one more year.

The result should bring joy to the hearts of the grey, as Old took the match by a dominating 5.5/6. The only blemish to this near perfect feat was due to Dr. Fisher taking a draw against Antonucci. I would not normally take time to mention this in a bad light, but since Craig thought I was 10 years older than I am, I felt the urge to point out his disappointing result.

Pairings (White listed first, asterisk indicates Old), rating difference (+ sign indicates advantage to Old), and result:

Board 1: *Strattner (1980)     vs     Kulick (1939)     +41     1-0 (see below for the game)

Board 2: Antonucci (1883)   vs     *Fisher (1818)     -65      1/2-1/2

Board 3: *Jafary (1754)   vs    Rosa (1734)    +20     1-0

Board 4: Woeckener (933P)   vs    *Oliveras (1704)    +771      0-1

Board 5: * O’Connor (1681)    vs    Gould (1473P)     +208     1-0

Board 6: Weigand (Unr)     vs     *Orcutt (1257P)     +N/A     0-1

Before I forget, I’d like to welcome John Weigand to the club! He will be playing on the Young team for a long long time, but I’m sure his rating will quickly climb him to the upper boards.

The board 1 match-up promised to be intense, and I certainly went through a range of emotions when playing. I am not including this to show off a sparkling win (it was not), but rather to demonstrate multiple gotchas that can affect us all.

1. When you have worked hard to achieve an advantage, do not fall asleep. There are dangers hiding around every corner, especially when the opponent still has his queen.

2. When disaster strikes, take a deep breath and try your best to fight through. Tartakower said that the winner makes the next to last mistake, so work hard to make sure that isn’t your opponent.

3. When victory is at hand, sit on your hands. Unless the clock is ticking down the final seconds, you have time to double-check your variation and make sure you play it in the right order.

4. Don’t be ashamed to enforce the rules of tournament chess – sometimes it can help to rectify what feels like a karmic implosion.

Summary of the game: White does well to get an advantage, then Black finds a nice resource to turn the tables in an instant. Resignation is in White’s future, until Black touches the wrong piece.

Deep Freeze results

Fourteen players competed in the first tournament of 2014. A welcome harbinger of a fruitful year? Or did people just want to get out of the cold and warm up by the radiators in room 104 of Rockefeller Hall? In either case, it led to a good group of players competing in the Deep Freeze Swiss.

Four rounds, two games a night, at G/25 + 3 second delay (to ensure that it would be Quick rated only). I feel like I’m missing something…what is it..oh yes! Who won!?

Running through the field like Eddie Lacy (I was going to give a Giants or Jets running back, but neither team has a very good one), Ernie Johnson took first place with a perfect 4/4. He will be presented with a trophy for his efforts. Second place (3/4) goes to Scott Strattner, and Michael Mendez edged out Antonucci and Evans on tiebreaks for third place (2.5/4).

Join us on Jan 20th for the generational grudge match, Young vs Old.