Marist Farewell results

The last tournament held at Marist this year, the Marist Farewell, ended on Monday. The six round Swiss (G/25;d5) was won by Chris Brooks (5 points), followed by Ernie Johnson (4.5) and Ken Evans (4). Among the 9 players were two newcomers, Hernan and Adam – welcome to Vassar-Chadwick and USCF-rated chess! The event was directed by Dr. Craig Fisher.

See the USCF for full crosstable results.

The fall/winter schedule will be posted shortly, and sent out to the email list. Stay tuned!

Jumbo Swiss results

The tournament title became a misnomer, as the anemic Jumbo Swiss ended with a whimper, the last (5th) round canceled due to only three players (who had already played each other) showing up last Monday. Sparsely attended, but yet games were played – and winners were crowned. Congrats to David Antonucci (3/4) and Naor Isak (2.5) for taking first and second respectively.

David, Naor, and Krishnan Ram also won chess books; look for more such giveaways this fall, as the TD looks to pare down his chess library.

Trophies will be presented after Labor Day, when the club returns to Vassar for the Fall session. The schedule will be updated shortly.

Patriotic Quad results

Eight players participated in the July 1st Patriotic Quads (G/15, 5 second delay), making for a nice two section event. The first quad consisted of (in rating order): Ayman Haoula, Ernie Johnson, Scott Strattner, and Noah Kulick. The second quad: Craig Fisher, David Gonzalez, Ron Holland, and Rich Dobbins.

Ayman and Noah finished with 2 points each (with Noah taking the non-existent prize on tiebreaks by winning the head-to-head match). Ron went undefeated in his quad, gaining over a hundred Quick rating points.

Congrats to Noah and Ron!

See the USCF crosstable for full results.

Junebug Swiss results

Noah Kulick has won the recently completed Junebug Swiss (4 round, G/60) with a perfect score, and a rating increase to 1957! Fellow Vassar student, David Gonzalez, takes second place on tiebreaks (2.5/4), after drawing Dr. Fisher in the first round and losing in the last round to Noah. It was a fun game to watch, perhaps one of them will share it with us (hint, hint).

Trophies will be awarded before the first round of the July Jumbo Swiss (7/8 – 8/5).

One game deserving mention (if only because Ernie graciously shared this loss with us) is Michael Mendez’ victory against Ernie’s unconventional opening. After a tactical oversight allows Mendez to win the exchange, he does well to finish the job – trading pieces and ending up in a winning endgame.

White: Ernie Johnson
Black: Michael Mendez
Event: Junebug Swiss
Round: 4

1. b4 g6 2. Bb2 Nf6 3. e4 d6 4. Bc4 Bg7 5. Nf3 O-O 6. d3 e5 7. Nbd2 c6 8. Bb3
Na6 9. a3 Nc7 10. O-O Be6 11. c4 Nh5 12. Rc1 Nf4 13. Nb1 Qc8 14. c5 Bxb3 15.
Qxb3 Ne2+ 16. Kh1 Nxc1 17. Rxc1 dxc5 18. Rxc5 Ne6 19. Rc4 Nd4 20. Bxd4 exd4 21.
Nxd4 Qd7 22. Nf3 Rad8 23. d4 Qe6 24. e5 b5 25. Rc3 Qxb3 26. Rxb3 Rfe8 27. Nbd2
f6 28. Re3 Bh6 29. Re2 Bxd2 30. Rxd2 fxe5 31. Rc2 Rd6 32. h3 exd4 33. Rd2 d3
34. Kg1 Re2 35. Kf1 Rxd2 36. Nxd2 Kg7 37. f3 Kh6 38. Ke1 Rd8 39. Ne4 Kh5 40.
Kd2 g5 41. g3 Kg6 42. Nc5 Kf5 43. Nxd3 Ke6 44. Ke3 Kd5 45. f4 Re8+ 46. Kd2 gxf4
47. gxf4 Ke4 48. Kc3 h5 49. h4 Rg8 50. a4 Rg4 White resigns

Junebug Swiss – third round

After three rounds Noah Kulick sits on top with 3 points, followed by fellow Vassar student David Gonzalez with 2.5. Mark Webb and Scott Strattner have 2 points, and four players (Naor Isak, Michael O’Connor, Michael Mendez, Ken Evans) sit on 1.5 points.

Last round is on June 24th, and remember that before the start of the round a book prize drawing will take place. Those who will have played all 4 rounds will be placed in the drawing, with the winner getting their choice of one gently used chess book.

Full Standings:

Junebug Swiss Round 3 standings

Brandon Wang at the US Junior Open

This past weekend Tarrytown, NY hosted the 2013 US Junior Open. Vassar-Chadwick tournament veteran Brandon Wang participated in the Under 11 section, and finished with an impressive 4 out of 6. One of his losses was to the section winner, Daniel Levkov. Daniel had a 400 point rating advantage, but Brandon held his own and did not give up the fight until move 50. Here’s the game.

Justus Williams won the top section (Under 21), while the Under 1600 prize in that section went to Brittany Denniston, who participated in the 2011 Dutchess County Championship. Update: I can’t believe I didn’t notice Colin Denniston (another 2011 DCC player), who played in the Under 15 section, scored 4.5 out of 6, and is now sporting a very impressive 1844 rating. Strong juniors in our area. Could be an interesting 2014 Dutchess County Championship!

May Swiss results

Seventeen players participated in our 6 round, 3 night Swiss tournament of G/30 chess, the last tournament of the Vassar campus cycle. Ayman Haoula captured first place, with 5 points, only dropping one game (to Chester Bean), and raising his rating to 2035. Congratulations to our newest Expert! Ernie Johnson took 2nd place on tiebreaks (3.5/6), earning better tiebreaks through not taking any byes. Trophies will be presented at the start of the June 3rd tournament in Marist.

See the USCF for the full crosstable.

Shower Blitz results

On Monday April 29th the club hosted a blitz event using a new (and approved) time control of 5 minutes per game with 3 second delay. Turnout was low, but that allowed for a double round-robin format – everyone played everyone else twice, once with each color. Vassar student Noah Kulick went undefeated, easily besting the field. Scott Strattner took 2nd, and Dr. Craig Fisher held 3rd. Richard Dobbins rounded out the field, and given that he had to face three other class A players, he made the best of a difficult situation. He also showed off an iPad chess clock, which was pretty interesting and held up well during the games.

The delay was a welcome addition to the blitz format. While all the games were decisive, it helped ensure that the player with the better position could grind out the win, rather than have to worry about the clock too much. I believe if we host more blitz events, at least those that are rated, we should keep the delay.

Those who participated in this event are now proud owners of provisional blitz ratings, newly minted by the USCF. See their site for the full crosstable.


April Swiss results

Twelve players (plus the house player, but he doesn’t count) participated in the April Swiss this year, a 3 round, game 70 event. The time control appears to work for many people, allowing for a good amount of time to think while still finishing at a reasonable hour. Look for more of these long time control events (with even more rounds) in the near future, as people’s opinions expressed to me (and the current result of the poll on our website) indicate that longer is better when it comes to a chess game.

But I digress, back to the April Swiss. The tournament was won by Ernie Johnson, who finished with 2.5 points (taking a draw against Dr. Fisher in round 2). Vassar student Noah Kulick also had 2.5 points, but as he took a draw in the 2nd round (to study for school, boo!), he took 2nd place on tiebreaks.

See the USCF for the full crosstable.

The trophies for Ernie and Noah will be presented on Monday, prior to our rated Blitz event.

Memorial Tournament results

Twenty five players competed in the rated section, with 16 more in the unrated section, a very nice turnout. Thanks to Brother John McManus (USCF Senior TD and Executive Director of the Make the Right Move chess organization) for running the rated section, and to Ken Evans for organizing this year’s tournament and acting as TD for the unrated section.

In the rated section three players ended up with 3.5 points; Alan Lasser (2004), Rudolph Van Dommele (1899) and Noah Kulick (1869). Noah took a bye in the last round, and so missed out on the tiebreaks, which went to Rudy and Alan, who were declared co-champions. Fourth place went to Craig Fisher (3 points), with Michael O’Connor (3) winning best Class B, Brandon Wang (3) winning best Class C, and Cory Boris taking best Unrated.

See USCF for full crosstable.

In the unrated section there was a clear winner, undefeated Heitor Luz, followed by Ron Calixto (4 points), Vaughn Seninde (3.5), and Luca Van Dommele (3.5).

Special thanks to Vassar college for letting us have our normal club rooms for a Saturday event.