Matan takes 2019 Fall Swiss

Ten players participated in the three round, G/75 + 5d tournament held in September, and NM MATAN PRILLELTENSKY took first with 3 wins.

Mark Courtney and James Reap finished with 2 points (with Mark winning the head-to-head match-up).

This past Monday featured an unrated double round-robin Blitz event, won by Mark Courtney

Next Monday starts the Club Championship. Check our Event Schedule page for details and please come out and play in one of the premier events of our club.

Barking Bob Simmons takes Dog Days Swiss

Eight players decided to leave air conditioning behind and venture into the stifling heat, for three Mondays in a row, to compete in the Poughkeepsie Dog Days Swiss (G/75, d5).

The heat outside was nothing compared to the fire generated by the play of Bob Simmons, who took first place with an undefeated score – 3 wins, including over tournament favorite, Trevor Brooks, in the final round.

Dr. Craig Fisher (who was also the TD) captured second place with 2 wins and a bye.

Click HERE for the full crosstable results.

Bob Wehrli wins unrated Blitz

Ten players took part in Monday’s informal tournament, the G/5 unrated Blitz.

With only one loss, Wehrli took clear first with 8 points, followed closely behind by Ernie Johnson (7 points) and a tie for third between Dr. Craig Fisher and Mark Courtney (6 points apiece).

Out of the 45 games played there was only 1 draw – not too surprising given the Blitz time control

Join us next week for the start of the August Swiss G/75 3 round tournament.

Trevor Brooks squeaks out win in Poughkeepsie Swiss

Eight players set aside their summer plans and braved the oppressive heat to participate in the 3 round, G/60 Poughkeepsie Swiss that was held in the month of July.

Trevor, Ernie Johnson, and newcomer Keith Colleluori all ended up with 2 points, but Trevor takes first on tiebreaks – which only seems fair, as of the three he was the only one to play in all of the rounds.

The tournament was directed by Ernie, and you can CLICK HERE for the crosstable results.

Join us this upcoming Monday for some free unrated Blitz (or whatever you want to do).

Watch the Renegades and support the club

Our local minor league baseball team, the Hudson Valley Renegades, have graciously offered a special deal for Vassar-Chadwick members to their July 25th match-up with the vicious and evil Vermont Lake Monsters. Every ticket purchased through the link (CLICK HERE) will not only provide you with hours of entertainment and professional level baseball, but it will also help support our club!

There are 3 special events also occurring during the July 25th game – Thirsty Thursday (beer sales), Trivia Night, and “Christmas in July” where the first 1000 fans to the stadium receive a Renegades snow globe.

It is nice to see local groups support each other, so if you are looking for something to do on July 25th, please consider this event!

June Swiss results

An undefeated Trevor Brooks took first in the three round G/75+5 June Swiss. Nine players participated, but it was a tough field as no one (except for Trevor) was able to break 50%.

The event will soon be posted to US Chess; follow this link for a listing of all the recent Vassar-Chadwick crosstables:

Join us tonight (6/24) for the start of Summer Action, a 2 days, four round G/24 + 5 Quick rated event.

DCC Trophy night 6/10

Don’t forget to join us on Monday, June 10th, for the presentation of the trophies from the Dutchess County Championship. This year’s winner was NM Matan Prilleltensky, with Mark Courtney taking 2nd place. But there are also class winners – plenty of trophies to hand out, and a good turnout would be welcome to give hearty congratulations to all the winners.

This upcoming Monday is also the 2nd round of the June Swiss. Still time to join and play 2 more rounds.

Vassar-Chadwick mention in latest Chess Life

The Faces Across the Board section of Chess Life is authored by Al Lawrence and features profiles of “regular” US Chess members from across the country.

The subject for this month is Mildred Starin, a 96 year old resident of Newburgh. While she learned to play some time ago, she decided to get more serious last year and enlisted the help of Eric Horsboll, who got her in touch with our very own Dr. Craig Fisher!

Nice recognition for Craig and the club. Members who do not have a physical copy of Chess Life can view it by CLICKING HERE.

May Swiss after 2 rounds

TD Dr. Craig Fisher has provided the standings for the tournament, as we go into the final round this Monday.

Prilleltensky, Johnson, and Brooks go into the final round tied with 2/2. It is anyone’s tournament!

#Name/Rtng/IDRd 1Rd 2
1Mat PrilleltenskyW    9B    4
2282   12893934   (2183)    1.0 2.0
2Ernest Tr JohnsonB 10W    7
2023   10089115   (1992)    1.0 2.0
3Trevor Wil BrooksW 11B    8
1916   15363983   (1756)    1.0 2.0
4Robert A SimmonsB 12W    1
1857   10104424   (1705)    1.0 1.0
5Craig W Fisherbye  W    6
1821   10124743   (1800)    0.5 1.5
6Kenneth R Evansbye  B    5
1800   10122627   (1708)    0.5 0.5
7Jurij Josep OraczW 13B    2
1798   16069823   (1581)    1.0 1.0
8Darius JafaryB 14W    3
1531   14321073   (1521)    1.0 1.0
9Michael MendezB    1W 15
1530   12495089   (1526)    0.0 1.0
10Richard WheartyW    2B 13
1382   13468991   (1405)    0.0 0.0
11David A WrightB    3W 12
1278   16431640       0.0 0.5
12Joseph An JacksonW    4B 11
1158   16946877   (1155)    0.0 0.5
13Michael P GuseB    7W 10
1154   12619322   (1111)    0.0 1.0
14Barbara RayW    8bye  
 729   16438815       0.0 0.5
15Hance Huston IIIbye  B    9
 579   16094701   (595)    0.5 0.5