Vassar-Chadwick QUICK

Three players finished with 3 points out of a possible 4.  Congratulations to Bob Wehrli who won first place on tie breaks over Leo Freyvert and Mark Courtney.  And congratulations to Tom Marvullo who won the Top booster prize with a score of 2.5. -----------------------------------------------------------------------


Player Name |Total|Round|Round|Round|Round|           | Pts |  1  |  2  |   3  |   4  |        

1) ROBERT WEHRLI  (2161) |3.0  |D   5|W   7|D   4|W   2|  
2) LEONID FREYVERT (1980)|3.0  |W  10|W   6|W   3|L   1|      
3) MARK G COURTNEY (1924)|3.0  |W   9|W   4|L   2|W   6|      
4) ERNEST JOHNSON (1962) |2.5  |W   7|L   3|D   1|W   8|       
5) THOMAS MARVULLO(1584) |2.5  |D   1|W  10|L   6|W   9|      
6) TREVOR BROOKS (1668)   |2.0  |W  11|L   2|W   5|L   3|
7) J. J.  ORACZ  (1535)  |2.0  |L   4|L   1|W   9|W  10|     
8) CRAIG W FISHER (1807) |1.5  |H    |H    |H    |L   4|      
9) DARIUS JAFARY  (1465) |1.0  |L   3|W  11|L   7|L   5|      
10)HERNAN SALAZAR(1439)  [1.0  |L   2|L   5|W  11|L   7|
11)ORI RAZ (1120)   |0.0  |L   6|L   9|L  10|U    |     


Holiday Leaves

Bob Simmons completed a perfect 4-0 tournament (!) by upsetting Ernie Johnson in the last round. Trevor Brooks and Darius Jafary tied for 2nd with 3.0/4 each. Congratulations to our winners. The Grand Prix will be updated soon after the official results come in from the TD. So Bob Simmons wins the First Place Trophy and Darius Jafary wins the Top Booster Trophy.

US Chess Rules Available Online

Many years ago the powers that be in the USCF went into agreement with a publishing company, giving them exclusive rights to the rules of the game (and all of the related standards, policies and procedures) as codified by US Chess. Which meant a Tournament Director (or any active player wanting to avoid issues) had to purchase the rule book – it was not available online.

Many members complained, but the contract was apparently very long term (if not forever). Until recently, when an amendment to the contract was put in place, allowing US Chess to publish selected chapters of the rule book (the ones most people are most interested in) online, for free.

You can view, search, and download these sections – CLICK HERE

Joseph Guadagno Memorial Tournament (Westchester)

We are passing along information from the Westchester Chess Club:

We are saddened by the loss of our friend Joe and extend our condolences to family and friends.

The WCC will host a memorial tournament in Joe’s honor. Thanks to Lou Saltaformaggio for the idea and the name – the Joe Guads. It will be G/75;d5 starting in January (Andre is finishing up the winter schedule). There will be a modest entry fee which will go towards a donation to support chess for underprivileged children and students (suggestions welcome!). The tournament is open to members from other clubs and I will do my best to get the word out, but please feel free to forward this to friends of Joe’s. Space in the church is limited to  about 40 people. First round will be January 3rd. Let me know if you are interested. Also, please feel free to visit and participate in the WCC, and please let me know if you would like me to add you to my email list. Hope to see you soon.

Alan Kuras

Westchester Chess Club Schedule

You can go to that page to look up the schedule (2019 tournaments not posted yet), as well as details on where the club meets and who to contact for more information.

A Grand Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from the club leadership to all our members!  The Grand Prix has been updated to reflect results of the recently completed Falling Leaves Swiss.  The next update will arrive somewhere between Christmas and New Years.

Falling Leaves Swiss

Peter Barkman won the shorter than usual Falling Leaves Swiss with a score of 2.5/3.  Ernie Johnson, Trevor Brooks, Craig Fisher, and Harold Stenger followed with 2/3 each.  Our next event is the Holiday Leaves Swiss which features a normal four rounds.  Thanks to all who participated.

Club Championship

Trevor Brooks completed an undefeated tournament, winning our Club Championship with a final score of 4.5/5.  Very well done for our youngest champion ever!  Ayman Haoula secured a draw with Trevor in the final round to lock up the Class A prize with 4/5.  John Weigand and Hernan Salazar-Chala both finished up with 3/5 to tie for Class B (tiebreaks pending).  Newcomer Ahmed Karameldin and veteran Michael Mendez both scored 2.5/5 to tie for Class C (tiebreaks pending).