Club Swiss on Dec 14th

The second lichess event for our club will take place Monday 12/14, starting at 7pm. It is a 6 round Swiss, Game 10 + 5 second increment.

The only requirement is that you are a member of our club. Link to tournament: (you can sign up and register to play now).

Hope you can make it!

First online club tournament results

Trevor Brooks captured first place (4/5, 2247 performance) in the first online club tournament that finished less than an hour ago. Seven players participated in the 5 round (G/15) event.

Second place went to Robert Wehrli (3.5, 2177 performance) and Ernie Johnson (who set up this tournament) took 3rd place with 3 points – and was the only one to win a game from Trevor.

Congrats to everyone for participating, and keep a look out for more tournaments like this in the near future!

Club tournament this Monday!

No, it isn’t at Vassar, but on If you are already a member of the Vassar-Chadwick team page, you will see the tournament listed on the page. It was created by Ernie, is a 4 round swiss (15 min a game + 2 sec/move) starting at 7pm on Monday 11/16

If you are not a member of the club yet on lichess, CLICK HERE to request to join. PROVIDE YOUR REAL NAME when doing so, so that I know who you are – we want to limit our membership to those who actually are members of the club or at least who live in the area and are interested in joining once we can all meet again.

You can click to join the tournament now, you don’t have to wait for the time of the event. When you do join you will be asked for a password. Please SEE THE TEAM PAGE for the password.

New HV clubs match Nov 5

Direct link to tournament:
Starts at 8pm. Each club should have at least 10 members participating (as the top 10 scores from each club are used to calculate the winning team).
You need to register on (if you have not done so already) and then request to join the Vassar-Chadwick club – please provide your real name in the request so we know who it is. See you then!

RIP Andrew Lawson

Sad news to report. Andrew Lawson, who played in over a dozen events at Vassar-Chadwick between 2000 and 2017, passed away earlier this month. You can find his obituary on Poughkeepsie Journal.

If any of you have games where you played against Andrew that you’d like to share, please let me know (contact via Facebook).

New HV club battle 10/1

If you haven’t joined lichess and the Vassar-Chadwick club yet, welcome back to the world as you must have been living under a rock for the last couple months! If you do want to join now – please, please, give your real name in the request, so I know who you are. We want to limit membership to those who have attended or plan to attend (once we can again) our real-life club.

Although for some reason the latest tournament is not showing up on our team page, so here it is – we need at least 10 members to join (and able to play) to have a reasonable chance at winning:

Online match with Westchester and Rockland set for Sept 3rd

The third Hudson Valley match is scheduled to take place on for 8pm on Thursday September 3rd.

If you haven’t joined yet, please do so – it is entirely free. And once you do, head over to the Team page and request to join. Provide your real name in the request (only I and Ernie will see it), so we know you are an actual member of the club.

From the team page you will see a link to the upcoming tournament (as well as results from the previous matches).

Millerton Chess Open results

Bob Simmon’s brave experiment in bringing back over-the-board chess completed this weekend, and while only five people attended they all enjoyed the experience. Bob should be commended for trying to bring a semblance of normalcy to the game we all love.

Trevor Brooks won the event with a perfect score (3-0), defeating Sean Russell, Mark Courtney and Bob. The author of this article would surely love to see some games (hint, hint). Mark finished with 2-1, downing George Oliveras twice (that happens with 5 people in 3 round event).

Who knows the next time we will see another OTB event, but I am hearing rumors that maybe we will play rated tournaments online….we will keep you posted!

Next club battle this Thursday

The Westchester and Rockland chess clubs have invited us again for the monthly Hudson Valley Team Battle on

Reminder that you need to sign up at lichess – it is free – and then request to join the Vassar-Chadwick team page (when making your request to join please let me know your real name, so I can make sure you are a member).

Once you have joined both lichess and the Vassar-Chadwick team page, you will see the link to the tournament. For convenience, it is provided here:

Hope to see you on Thursday!